Integrated EMR for Hospital-Wide Continuum of Care

Improve patient care and safety, with streamlined clinical workflows throughout your hospital.

MetaVision Clinical EMR connects all healthcare professionals in your hospital to one continuous electronic medical record, streamlining workflows from admission through the hospital stay to discharge. This feature-rich and highly configurable clinical information system empowers hospitals of any size to enhance patient care, minimize errors, and optimize efficiency.

Why use MetaVision Clinical EMR?

  • Enhance patient care & safety

    • Reduce medication errors, with medication planning and support.
    • Ensure efficient and complete handovers, with smooth data flow.
    • Detect patient deterioration early, based on timely information and notifications.
  • Increase your financial performance 

    • Improve billing and reimbursements with automatic tracking of activity and data capture.
    • Reduce clinical complications and corresponding costs.
    • Reduce drug costs by utilizing drug catalogs promote adherence to hospital guidelines.
  • Improve clinical & regulatory compliance 

    • Facilitate complete documentation, with forms and reports based on the patient record.
    • Increase adherence to changing best practices.
    • Simplify statutory reporting with automated data capture and reporting.
  • Optimize efficiency & productivity

    • Effectively manage tasks across patient populations.
    • Enhance communication among caregivers.
    • Reduce the administrative burden, with automated and streamlined documentation workflows.

Optimize workflows, from admission to discharge

  • Patient admission

    Admit patients in less time,
    while ensuring nothing is missed. 

    • Patient demographics
    • Risk assessment
    • Patient history
    • Medication reconciliation
    • Bed management
    • Patient education
  • Hospital stay

    Access timely patient
    information & protocols at the point of care. 

    • Problems & diagnoses
    • Treatment plan, prescribing
    • Orders & results
    • Medication administration
    • Clinical notes
    • Transfer to surgery & other units
  • Discharge

    Speed-up discharges & ensure patients are properly prepared before they leave. 

    • Prescribing
    • Patient education
    • Discharge letters

MetaVision key capabilities

  • Patient

  • Continuum of

  • Clinical documentation

  • Medication management

  • Patient monitoring & decision support

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Why choose MetaVision by iMDsoft

  • Enhanced patient care & safety

    Improve patient outcomes through better decision making and more effective task management.

    btn-icon Patient care & safety
  • Smooth & secure interoperability

    Seamlessly integrate MetaVision with all your hospital information systems and medical devices.

    btn-icon Interoperability
  • Optimized operational & financial performance

    Maximize revenues and save time and costs, while empowering clinicians to improve patient care.

    btn-icon Optimized ROI

Hear from our customers

South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst)
Dr. Harald Noddeland
Deputy Head of Division, Emergencies & Critical Care, Oslo University Hospital

“The replacement of paper with an electronic system is a fundamental change in how we collaborate and produce health services. MetaVision is part of our digital foundation for other systems to build upon. Furthermore, we will see repeated use of captured data that will be fed back as decision support.”

Sydney Adventist Hospital, Australia
Arash Oskooi
Clinical application specialist

"MetaVision has made a huge difference in how we work. Legible, accurate patient files can be seen at any workstation by multiple caregivers simultaneously. The online ordering system enables specialists to access the system remotely and send messages to the staff. The coding and billing processes are much easier, and of course, getting more money back faster is a major advantage.”

UZ Leuven, Belgium
Geert Meyfroidt, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Intensive Care medicine, UZ Leuven

“We’ve been working with MetaVision for almost 10 years now. The versatility and configuration possibilities of the software are great, and we have been able to improve our clinical workflow, scoring and billing while at the same time reducing the associated workload.”

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